Music Moves Me

Two of the biggest barriers to exercise are lack of time and lack of interest. If your schedule is packed and you do find youself with some extra time, are you really going to do something that you don't enjoy?

Well not to worry, my 'Music Moves Me' workouts, might be just the thing! They are short and sweet, you really don't need an hour at the gym to get a good workout in. I did this circuit below and followed it up with some sprints on a treadmill, 25 minutes max and I was dripping sweat -no need to add the sprints afterwards if running isn't your thing, just try the circuit and see how you do.

Music is so magical, it can instantly transport us, help us reminisce, celebrate, help us get energized or wind down. Think about some of your favourite songs and the memories they carry with them. The great thing about music is it distracts our mind and this can be used to your advantage when exercising.

My 'Music Moves Me' (MME) workouts are short (less than 15 minutes max), can be done with little to no equipment and just might help you put a little fun into fitness as you workouts to 2-3 songs. They are also great to do while traveling, when you may still want to do something active, but likely have a busy day planned ahead.

Some of my favourite tunes are from the legendary Michael Jackson, so the first MME workout is the MJ Workout.

First cue up your tunes, I also have them ready to go for you here on Spotify.

  1. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
  2. Don't Stop Til You Get Enough


  1. Pushups x 10
  2. Lunge Jumps x 10
  3. Tricep Dips x 10
  4. Squat Jumps with opposite toe touch x 10
  5. Shoulder press x 10

Rest as you need to in between sets, but keep going until the songs are done, see how many sets you can do. I got 5 rounds in, and was plenty sweaty by the end.


  • You can do pushups with your hands on a bench or table top if you haven't mastered full push ups yet.
  • For the Squat jumps, jump up and extend your arms overhead, when you land touch your right toe with your right hand, jump back up and next time touch your left toe eith your left hand.
  • For the shoulder presses, if you don't have weights use what you have around the house...cans of beans, your child, a tube from tennis balls filled with rocks. Be creative, guarenteed you have something in your home over 5-10lbs.*

Please comment below after you do the workout and let me know how it goes!