What better way to start off my blog for FitCity Tours & Travel than to let you get to know the active heartbeat behind FitCity.

Hi - my name is Marisa (Ma-reese-a) Moody and I am a born and raised Northern Ontario girl. I moved to Vancouver in 2005 and haven't looked back since. The west coast gets me. It understands that I want fresh ocean air to fill my lungs. My body feels happiest exploring the city (and the province), running, walking, hiking, kayaking, yoga-ing and doing whatever I can do outside. My skin shivers at the thought of another Ontario winter and begs me to stay where it's reasonable and mild, and my brain agrees.

I love

  • travel
  • breaking a sweat
  • wine
  • all things chocolate
  • spunky dogs (my jack russel mix Eleanor is the best)
  • toucans (I have an unexplainable obsession)

I dislike

  • gender sterotypes (I can lift that, thank you very much)
  • personal hygiene on public transit (who decided clippers on a keychain was a good idea)
  • cockroaches..it's more of an intense hate actually
  • papaya

The condensed story of me is that I used to be the funny chubby girl in a group of stunningly beautiful friends. One day I decided I wanted to try running and made myself stick to it for 30 days. A month later I was hooked; I increased my running distances from 5km, to 10km, to half marathons and then later completed a marathon and triathlon. The chubby girl who couldn't run was long gone and now I was encouraging others to join me on runs and train for races...who was I?!?!

Building on how much I enjoyed motivating others to run, I became a registered personal trainer in 2010. I have since added on training as a Kettlebell Instructor, Yoga Fitness Instructor, Older Adult training specialization and have taught outdoor bootcamp for 4+ years. I have shifted away from long distance runs as I now love the empowerment that I find in the weight room. I set my sights on increasing the number of weights on the bar vs decreasing the number on the scale. Testing what my body is capable of and celebrating its strength is so much fun!

There are lots of personal trainers out there and each has their own style and personality. I specialize in making fitness fun. I believe if it's not fun, you aren't going to stick to it for long, certainly not when left to your own devices. Achieving a healthier lifestyle where physical activity is part of a regular routine is what I aim for, helping clients achieve the elusive 6 pack is not. I don't believe in restrictive dieting (although increasing greens and cutting back on cheetos and milkshakes might be a good idea), I never aim to get my clients to puke during my workouts and I definitely never yell, scream or belittle. I encourage, motivate, push and support. I love seeing people achieve more than they think they are capable of.

As I mentioned I also love to travel, and when I do, I look for uinque experiences, activities where I can be active, be outdoors, meet new people, learn something new, see some city sights, or experience a new culture.

In 2016 I decided to merge my love of physical activity, the outdoors, travel, and Vancouver, and created FitCity Tours & Travel - a boutique active tour company. Vancouver is an amazing city, one of the most active in the world. I believe to truly see this city you need to get active and get outdoors.

I hope you will join on one of my tours, get out of the city on an amazing fitness retreat and explore the world with me as my business grows.