Q. What sort of shape do I have to be in to attend?

A. The shape you are in now is perfect! There are no requirements as to how fit or active you need to be. The only essential pieces are that you come with an open mind, don’t mind shedding a few drops of sweat and are prepared to make this your best year yet! New to fitness? Don’t be intimidated by a fitness retreat. This is the perfect opportunity to learn a few different workouts, focus on your form and try something new!  All in a super supportive environment. A health and fitness history form will be sent out to participants prior to the weekend, which will give us a chance to assess your starting point. We hope you do push yourself outside your comfort zone; however, all workouts, hikes, runs, etc. can be modified to suit your level, whatever that may be.


Q. How many other people will be on the retreat?

A. The fitness retreat will be kept small to ensure you receive lots of 1:1 attention. There will be a maximum of 10 guests total who can attend the retreat. There is a minimum of 6 registered guests for the retreat to go ahead. If the minimum is not reached, all deposits and payments will be 100% refunded.


Q. Who is leading this retreat anyways?  

A. Fitness Retreats are lead by Marisa Moody, BCRPA registered Personal Trainer, Hardstyle Kettlebell instructor, yoga fitness instructor, and just a generally fun chick who likes being active and outdoors! Check out the about us page to read more.


Q. It rains a lot on the west coast, will we be working out outside?

A.  Yup, it does rain a lot here! If you wait for the weather to be perfect to get in shape, you will be waiting a long time! If possible (and if the weather is miserable) we may workout indoors, but please plan for the weather. That means lots of layers, a waterproof or resistant outer layer and lots of dry warm clothes to change into afterwards. A hot shower feels ahhhhh-mazing after a sweaty wet workout, I promise!


Q. Do I have to cook? Will we be eating out?  

A. You can help if you like, but you don’t have too. All meals will be made by the onsite trainer. You can participate and learn how to make the delicious healthy meals or you can use that time to sleep, relax, meditate, whatever floats your boat…this is your retreat and vacation too! As much as possible, local, organic foods will be used.


Q. Will my special dietary needs be catered for?

A. Of course! Please let us know any special needs and they will be taken into consideration when the menu is planned.


Q. What is not included in the price of the Fitness Retreat?

A.  Transportation & gas costs to retreat location is up to each attendee.


Q. What time does the retreat start and end? 

A.  The retreat starts at 3pm on Friday. If you are working this day and can’t make it until later, no worries! You can join in on the fun whenever you get there! We will check out of the house on Sunday at 11am, and finish up the day with a hike and lunch before making our way back to Vancouver late afternoon. You should be home in time for dinner on Sunday.


Q. What about down time? Will we be working out all day?  Maybe this will be too intense for me?

A.  Yes, downtime, I like that too! Each day will be a mix of a strength workout, a hike or run (or walk) & a yoga/stretch session. There will be plenty of time to relax, take in the views of the gorgeous west coast, read or maybe write in a journal. You will leave the retreat feeling refreshed, focused and on the path to a healthier you...mentally and physically!


Q. Hmm I am not exactly ‘new to fitness’, will this be too easy for me? 

A. Not to worry! Every day I teach bootcamp and train people with varying levels of fitness abilities. I can easily modify an exercise to make it more intense, if that is what you are working for. The goal of this retreat is to go over the basics to ensure proper form is learnt and used. Once that is mastered, I can offer a number of options to make the exercise more challenging. I promise you will sweat!


Q. What if I want to work out more?

A.  No problem! You can book extra 1:1 personal trainer sessions at a super reduced rate of $40/hour. Maybe you want help perfecting your push up form or want a really good extra cardio burn session, or want some pointers on getting started on running. I am happy to spend some 1:1 time focusing on your needs.


Q. What if I have another question that isn’t listed here?

A.  Send ‘em our way! Please email us at info@fitcitytours.com and we will answer any and all of your questions. Send that email today though – there are limited spots on the retreat – don’t hesitate and miss out!