Personal Training in Vancouver, BC.

Hi! You are here because you are likely looking to make a few improvements and changes to your life and health. Great, I would love to help!


Has it been a while since you have been able to focus time and effort on yourself? Have other priorities taken the front stage for too long?

Feeling sluggish and lazy lately, just don't have the motivation to stick to a routine yourself? Tired of clothes that don't fit right? Would you like to be able to join your friends on hikes or runs around the seawall? 


Everyone has to start somewhere, so let's do this!

We will work together to find out what makes you click. What sort of exercises and structure works with you and your lifestyle. Fitness should be fun...if it isn't how the heck are you going to stick any sort of routine long term? I am here for the long game. Want to lose 5 lbs before  an upcoming vacation, well I can help with that, however my passion is helping people integrate health and fitness into their lives long term. I want you to be able to go up and down stairs with ease, get rid of that nagging back pain, be able to chat casually while you hike with a friend and maybe even impress your kids (or friends or cat) with how many push ups you can do :)

Send me an email at to schedule a free introductory call



1:1 Personal Training

Completely personal workouts that suit your lifestyle and personality.

10 sessions - $900

5 sessions - $475

1 session - $100


Group Training

Grab a friend, partner, sibling and the second person trains at 50% off the prices listed above!

*best if both people have similar fitness goals. 

Have a group of more than 2 people who want to workout together? Contact me for custom pricing.


Your ONLINE Health coach

{Personal training + nutritional coaching delivered online!}

Perfect if you don't live in Vancouver or if 1:1 training is outside of your current budget.

$199 per month with an initial minimum commitment of 3 months, (after that it's month to month). Why a three month minimum? I am serious about helping you and focusing on your health, I want you to be committed as well.